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Darkness (Alt) – Angela Lee Sloan

This week in the darkness of Robin Williams passing, I wanted to share a very special song near and dear to my heart called “Darkness” written by my amazingly beautiful and talented late brother Robert aka Robbie Bob Sloan and myself.

The song has a haunting theme that captured his own personal demons. He suffered from severe Arthritis, self medication, Alcoholism and although not diagnosed, I believe Depression. A few years before his untimely passing, we got together and sat down to rewrite the song. Struck by inspiration, I added lyrics to an already beautiful bridge, and put my spin on this new arrangement. It was a blessing co-writing with my brother, and I love that he gave me his stamp of approval on this different twist to his beautiful, poignant song.

Recently this song was calling to me. When news broke about Robin Williams, I was truly GUTTED! Here was a man who had such depths that he could make us laugh by his sheer genius quick wit and lovability, yet that same depth gave him the brilliant talent to deliver Oscar winning theatrical power house performances that touched your heart and made you cry. His Humanitarian efforts were always close to him with everything he did! From Comic Relief, to standing by Christopher Reeves family in their tragedy, to Children’s Hospital Ambassador and much much more. This man embodied Heart and Soul. But those amazing depths that he pulled from to bring us comedy and laughter also shrouded him in Darkness, to which levels we did not know until now. Depression is often brushed aside and people don’t know how to handle it, or it can go undiagnosed and surface in self medication and ultimately self destruction! It’s tragic we have to lose these talented geniuses or our family and friends. We need to bring awareness to the subject so that people know how they can help! Where they can find help, and maybe just to be a better friend, mother, sister, or brother when you see them suffering. Call them. Research doctors or programs that are out there that can help them! Whatever it takes…

We need to find ways to bring DARKNESS to LIGHT!

RIP Robbie Sloan

RIP Robin Williams


Sloan KROQ Winner of The Battle of the Bands at The Fremont Experience

Sloan KROQ Winner of The Battle of the Bands at The Fremont Experience (Robert Sloan pictured far right on bass. Rose Curtale-drums, Angela Sloan-Guitar and vocals, Chris Jacobs guitar)